Photo from  Michelin Guide

Photo from Michelin Guide

David Kinch

Chef/Owner of Manresa and The Bywater

The Curated Feast and Liz Birnbaum did an excellent job running the Instagram page for our restaurant, The Bywater in Los Gatos, California. Liz met all of our high expectations that we had for the position. She is a talented photographer, always curious and working to improve her skills and understanding. She has a strong understanding of how to capture food, drink, people, and spaces. She worked very hard to create the narrative and story that we collaborated on to tell our audience.

In all aspects we found Ms. Birnbaum creative, savvy on social media marketing strategy, and nimble about how to connect best with the audience. We kept her on for many months more than we expected — not only for quality of work but we also found her very easy to work with.

Photo by The Curated Feast

Photo by The Curated Feast

Marty Boboskie

Founder/Owner of Marty Magic Jewelry

We are grateful to have worked with The Curated Feast. Liz and Ashley were a great addition to our Marty Magic team and we learned so much. The initial focus was on digital marketing and storytelling which forced us to look closely at our website, our branding and our inconsistent voice. The Curated Feast coached us on ways to improve these and how to tell our story and connect better with our customers.

Over a three month period we saw our Pinterest traffic increase 200% from 260,000 to 794,000 monthly views.

The marketing strategy put together by The Curated Feast was extremely helpful and we will be reflecting on these insights and implementing suggested strategies for many months to come.

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Sagar Desai

CEO/co-Founder of Wribbn

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